Following last week’s FAFCE appeal for peace in Ukraine, our Members and Partner Associations wish to commit concretely to support Ukrainian families fleeing the war. Indeed, as associations of European families, we feel the responsibility to support our brothers and sisters in need.

For this reason we would be grateful for your kind donation to FAFCE: the entirety of the collected funds will be distributed to our direct contacts in Ukraine and to two associations working on the ground, that requested our help and whose projects are described below.
Please note that donations to FAFCE are tax-deductible for fiscal residents in France.
FAFCE partner, the Madrina Foundation, initiated an emergency plan to directly help Ukrainian families, with an expansion of their Pueblos Madrina project. The Pueblos Madrina project was initially launched to generate sustainable life projects for families in Spain with dependent children at risk of social exclusion in large cities, by facilitating their settlement in homes in rural populations, and the labour insertion of parents. Witnessing the current situation in Ukraine, the Foundation Madrina will use its experience in supporting Spanish families to support Ukrainian families. The Foundation will first supply Ukrainian families with food and supplies, mainly for children (baby food, hygiene material, medical equipment, clothes, and coats). The plan also includes a humanitarian transport of Ukrainian families to Spain, where they will be welcomed by Spanish local authorities.

Another FAFCE partner, Ai.Bi. Amici dei Bambini immediately took action to help children and families in Ukraine, where it has been operating since 1999, through the Friends of Children Ukraine Foundation, based in Kiev. War is always a tragedy, but for those children who do not even have the comfort of the family’s embrace, the drama is even worse. is an Ai.Bi. emergency and solidarity campaign, which comes to the aid of children hosted in orphanages in Ukraine and of families fleeing their homes, who find refuge in Moldova or who are arriving in Italy.

As we have often been stating, our Federation counts on your donations to pursue its daily mission. Seeing the current emergency that is unfolding, we decided to make this extraordinary call to ask for your help: as said above, all the donations given to FAFCE will directly support the solidarity projects of FAFCE partners and will help Ukrainian families in need.

Above all, we remain united in prayer for peace in Ukraine and for the conversion of our hearts. We especially entrust ourselves and all the involved parties in both Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Holy Virgin. 

We thank you in advance,

Vincenzo Bassi


FAFCE President