To represent publicly the best interests of Irish Families wherever and whenever necessary

To inform and advise member families on issues affecting family life, and to help families to favour a manner of living according to Christian values

To see that Irish laws and social institutions, not only do not offend, but actively support the God-given rights and duties of the family

Why leading doctors oppose assisted suicide

Why leading doctors oppose assisted suicide

A Private Members’ Bill seeking to permit assisted suicide will be debated in the Dáil next week. It is proposed by Solidarity-People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny. The last time when this issue was discussed in Leinster House, three years ago, some of the strongest...

Assisted Suicide Bill introduced in the Dail is fatally flawed

Assisted Suicide Bill introduced in the Dail is fatally flawed

A Private Members’ Bill permitting Assisted Suicide has been introduced to the Dail today by Gino Kenny TD. Some media reports say the Bill has strong safeguards and is limited in scope. This is totally false. Its definition of ‘terminal illness’ is incredibly broad,...

Assisted suicide is incompatible with human dignity

Assisted suicide is incompatible with human dignity

The debate about assisted suicide is heating up in Ireland again with a Private Member’s Bill due to come before the Dail that seeks to permit the procedure under certain circumstances. At the core of this debate is the very dangerous assumption that death by a form...

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Family Solidarity is a broadly based association, not confined to any class or creed, organised to educate its members and others so that they can promote the best interests of the family in all aspects, but particularly where these interests are being eroded.

It draws its inspiration from the Irish Constitution, the Charter of the Human Rights of the Family, and “Familiaris Consortio”.

The Irish Constitution gives the family its rightful place. In practice, however, various forces are undermining it.

This is particularly evident in the dramatic fall in State support for families.

We must ensure that society recognises the importance of the family and respects its rights.

Family Solidarity has been formed as a nationwide organisation dedicated to serving and supporting the Christian family.