On International Women’s Day, the proposed referendum to redefine the family in the Irish Constitution has been resoundingly defeated. Our country has shown its commitment to the traditional understanding of the family as based on marriage.

This vote stands as a critical moment in Irish history, marking the end of an era dominated by liberal conformity. This decision by the Irish electorate sends a powerful message about the importance of preserving foundational values in the face of sweeping societal changes.

Confronting a formidable opposition – bolstered by significant state funding and the backing of a vast political and social establishment – the No campaign, though financially under resourced, demonstrated the unwavering determination of those who champion the cause of family values in Ireland. This grassroots movement, fuelled by the conviction and dedication of ordinary citizens, has successfully fought back against the pressures of liberal agendas, showcasing the deep-rooted commitment to the sanctity of marriage and family life of Irish people.

This victory is not just a rejection of a specific referendum proposal; it is a declaration by the people of Ireland that the core unit of society – the family based on marriage – must remain protected and cherished. It underscores a collective desire to maintain the integrity of societal values that have long been the bedrock of our nation.