Press Release

Latvia: FAFCE supports the Constitutional Amendment in favour of Marriage and Family

Brussels, 12 January 2021

“We support the efforts of the Latvian legislators towards the recognition of marriage as the stable union of a man and a woman, at the basis of the family, in its fundamental law” – these are the words of the President of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE), Vincenzo Bassi, regarding the Constitutional amendment submitted in this sense to the Saeima (Latvian Parliament).

This change would be in line with the Constitutions of other EU Member-States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia). “This kind of changes can be the positive signs of lively and mature democratic societies. We really hope that the Latvian Parliament will go forward in this direction”, stated Cornel Barbut, FAFCE Vice-President.

FAFCE Honorary President, Antoine Renard, also declares: “The recognition of the family as the founding institution of society also claims to recognise the crucial role that a man and woman, committed in a stable union through marriage, play in being open to a new life and – as parents – in welcoming, caring and educating their children. Their commitment directly contributes to economic and social growth and guarantees a sustainable and lasting future for the whole national and human community“.

President Bassi concludes: “The current pandemic made clear to everybody the generative role of the family: this is the right moment for the legislators, from all political parties, to recognise this simple fact. It is not a matter of ideology. Everybody should be wanting this constitutional change, which we hope will bring concrete fruits to families in Latvia with family-friendly policies”.

Data published on 22 December 2020 by the Latvian Central Statistical Bureau show that 21.6% of the population of Latvia was at risk of poverty in 2019 and that the at-risk-of-poverty rate had increased among families with children. This situation will unfortunately only get worse after the ongoing crisis. The Constitutional Amendment to be discussed by the Saeima also underlines that the State “provides special assistance to children with disabilities, children left without parental care or victims of violence.”

If the Legal Affairs Committee will decide to go forward with this procedure this Thursday, the proposal will need a 2/3 majority to pass in all the three readings.