We have just three weeks to make a difference!

General Election 2020 to take place on 8th February. We must do our best to increase the number of pro-life TDs in the Dáil.


Dear Friend,

As you know, Leo Varadkar yesterday confirmed that the General Election will be held on 8th February.

Though this was anticipated by many, the timeline is short until election day.

As a movement, we have to do our very best to ensure that as many pro-life candidates as possible are elected to the next Dáil and Seanad to ensure stronger representation for the pro-life issue in Leinster House.

While it is difficult to predict the make up of the next Dáil, it is very possible that smaller parties and a number of pro-life independent TDs could hold the balance of power and work to curb the effects of the extreme abortion legislation.

We have just three weeks to make a difference!

The Pro Life Campaign will be rolling out our full election campaign in the coming days, including giving guidance on voting for pro-life candidates in your area and information on issues you may wish to raise at the doorstep when candidates call seeking your vote.

But today, we are asking you to do just one thing.  Take two minutes to sign up to canvass for pro-life candidates and parties in the coming election. To sign up to canvass for pro-life politicians click here and we will be in touch with you by return.

Thank you for your continued support.

Dr Ruth Cullen
Pro Life Campaign