“The problems of this time emphasise the importance of families as the core of society. Today, let’s take the time to honour fathers and mothers and to applaud to them, in acknowledgement of the key role they play in the current pandemic”. This was said by Vincenzo Bassi, president of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (Fafce), in a statement for the Global Day of Parents, which since 2012 has been celebrated on June 1st all over the world. “Despite many statements”, Bassi claims, “often families are not regarded as a priority”. In his statement, Bassi also criticises the “right to have a child”, which neglects “every child’s right to have a father and a mother” and creates hidden situations, such as the “profitable business” of surrogacy: “There is no right to bear or have children, there’s only the responsibility for taking care of their lives for the common good”. Fafce’s statements also mentions “all the orphans of the world and all those couples who suffer because they cannot have a child”, drawing attention to the fact that “adoption and fosterage are special proofs of the way a culture of giving oneself is the way to go” in such painful circumstances.