In today’s modern world, seemingly everything has been transformed into something political. Eternal truths and universal lived experiences are ignored, cast aside and ridiculed as outdated and even bigoted. Institutions like marriage and family are remade into political paradigms to serve emerging ideologies. Even science is scorned in order to advance gender ideology.

But despite the constant attempts by groups, especially those on the left, to turn everything into a political matter, much of life has nothing to do with politics and ideology. Take marriage for example. There is nothing about the institution of marriage that is political despite the left’s ceaseless efforts to turn marriage into a political battle as they have sought to redefine it in the law in countless countries around the globe. Marriage is what it is – a universal, timeless relationship between men and women that brings the two halves of humanity together in order to form families to care for the children born of their union. This has been its purpose since the dawn of time.

From time to time, world developments transcend politics and we find ourselves retreating to the safety and familiarity of eternal truths. We are in just such a moment with the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.  All around the world, whether by force of government edict or simple common sense, people are turning inward to protect themselves and their children. As people shelter in place or practice the new art of “social distancing,” many are rediscovering the universal lived experience that families with children anchored by marriage are better positioned to handle the crisis.

Of course, there are some practical elements to this. With two parents at home, the couple can share responsibilities or deal with the particulars of sheltering in place. Perhaps one is better positioned to work from home; perhaps another can then be freed up to conduct home schooling or supervise distance learning. One spouse might be more vulnerable to being laid off than the other spouse. Another might have better access to financial supports. Research shows that married couples are more economically stable and accumulate more wealth than either single parents or those in cohabitating relationships. That will prove most helpful during this crisis.

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