A talk given by Dr Vicent Kemme to Family Solidarity on the 7th November.


Dr Vincent Kemme is a biologist from the Netherlands, former teacher at – amongst others – the European Schools in Brussels, trained in the relationship science and faith, with supplementary studies in theology, philosophy and bioethics). Eleven years ago he founded ‘Biofides’, an apostolate on biology, faith and ethics (www.biofides.eu). In that capacity, he is the editor in chief of the Belgian Catholic Medical Magazine, Acta Medica Catolica, of the Belgian Catholic Medical Association St. Luke: www.cathmed.be, and assistant to the presidency of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, based in the Vatican: www.fiamc.org.

Dr Kemme and his wife are members of the international Catholic Emmanuel Community, founded in 1972 in Paris,  France: www.emmanuel.info,  and are co-founders of its branch in the Netherlands (https://www.emmanuelnederland.nl), and – today – responsible for the Flemish branch of the community: https://www.emmanuelvlaanderen.be/. The Emmanuel Community is a non-residential community that reunites young adults, lay people celibate or married, consecrated celibate brothers and sisters in the apostolate for the kingdom of God, and priests, and we are recognised as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right.

The text of the talk can be found here.