200 people have attended a public meeting in Templeogue expressing opposition to radical changes being proposed to the RSE curriculum for both primary and secondary schools.

Many of the parents attending said they were concerned about proposals they described as extreme, and contributing to the over-sexualisation of children.

Organized by Let Kids Be Kids, a parent-run group, the meeting also raised concerns about the lack of consultation of parents on the part of educational bodies regarding this change.

Speakers said that the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) identified World Health Organisation guidelines on sex-ed  as a model to follow. The guidelines recommend teaching 4 year olds about “early childhood masturbation”, and about making decisions whether or not to be sexually active as young as 9 years old.

Parents at the meeting also asked about the potential inclusion of education about “gender fluidity” for young children, with several saying young children should not be taught that gender identity was separate from ones’ biological sex.

Concerns were also raised about reports of “porn workshop” for students to make them ‘porn literate’, and about biological boys being able to use female bathrooms or showers at schools.

The event went ahead Tuesday after allegedly being cancelled due to threats towards the venue.

A Let Kids Be Kids spokesperson told Gript News: “An irate man came in here and abused the bar staff. He started shouting and roaring about our leaflet, and falsely claiming it was homophobic, just because we noted that explicit materials might be made available to young children. He threatened that if the meeting went ahead, there would be protests.”

The event was initially cancelled following this confrontation, and several hostile emails were sent to www.LetKidsBeKids.ie, the organisation’s website. However, after Garda intervention and the promise of a police presence for security, the meeting ultimately took place, and no protest materialised.

Source: https://gript.ie/200-pack-meeting-against-sex-ed-in-templeogue-venue-received-threat-of-protest/