Family Solidarity’s Annual General Meeting Saturday 9th November.

11.30 am (Mass)  till approx 4 pm in ELY House, Finger food lunch at 1 o’clock, follow by short addresses from  Petra Conroy (about the Faith on Fire project) and Niamh Uí Bhriain and others (about

(Please advise us by leaving a message on 01 6611113 or    if you wish to partake of the finger food lunch)

Editorial of Newsletter No.86

Our efforts are now devoted to educating and informing so as to counteract the negative influences that misled the Irish Electorate to give us the unfortunate amendments to the Constitution of Ireland in the recent years. Family Solidarity will be doing what it can to support organisations at the forefront of this campaign which will take years, with the grace of God, to restore the true rights of the family and of all human beings from conception till death.

Contents of this Newsletter (No.86)

The Holy Father’s Angelus Address of the 6th of this month emphasises the role of Faith in this campaign.  The Irish Bishops on the same day (The Day of Life) issued a strong statement on the right to life, and concluded with the statement that  A truly compassionate society chooses life.”

I have included an article from the Web by Patrick F. Fagan of the Marriage and Religion Research Initiative at The Catholic University of America on the importance of spending time on ones relationships particularly in the family.

By the time you read this Cardinal John Henry Newman will be declared a Saint.  I have included his “Fragrance Prayer” which is the way the least of us can do evangelisation by allowing God to work though us.

Aware that many of our older members do not access the rich material that is available on the internet and indeed on our web site we have two articles on the Irish situation with regard to Child Care, and on the importance of the happiness of Mothers.

Finally some interesting reading on the Catholic motivation of Christopher Columbus in his crossing of the Atlantic and opening the New World.