Family Politics, not Party Politics

While it engages in what the Pope called ‘family politics’, the organisation does not engage in ‘party politics’. Its membership is open to people of all religious and political persuasions, provided they are willing to accept its Christian philosophy and policies.

Family Solidarity is committed to reforming the system of taxation for families and to ensuring that parental rights are respected in education, including sex education.

Individuals are free to lobby or campaign as individuals or with other organisations on matters that are not contrary to Family Solidarity policies.

In lobbying, members should fully respect those who differ from them and make their representation by every legitimate, peaceful and reasonable means.

Help Families In Every Way Possible

Family Solidarity’s activities are by no means confined to the field of ‘family politics’. In its stated objectives, it commits itself to “help families to favour a manner of living according to Christian values”. To the extent it can achieve that objective, in a practical way, especially for families under stress, at local level, it will increase its credibility and potential for good at all levels.