Areas of Interest

The following are areas that our organisation is involved in. If you would like further information about our involvement in any of these issues, please contact us.

1.   Christian marriage (faithful for life)
2.   Pre-marriage courses
3.   Natural family planning methods
4.   Physical changes of surgical abortion
5.   Breast cancer and abortion
6.   Contraception (various types of)
7.   Condoms: ineffective at preventing Aids and Venereal Diseases
8.   Types of Female and Male fertilisation
9.   Types of birth prevention pills
10. Human Reproductive system and sexuality
11. Euthanasia
12. Fatal experimentation and tissue transplantation
13. Materials used in comprehensive sex education
14. Home schooling
15. Worldwide population control movement
16. State legislation affecting the family
17. Submissions to Government on family taxation
18. Pro-life organisations
19. EU and UNO legislation which affect family life
20. Evolution
21. The Drug Culture
22. States of International planned parenthood
23. Contact with all pro-family movements worldwide
24. The Rescue movement
25. Papal teaching on love, life and family
26. The Gospel of life to the world
27. Chastity. Guidelines to parents on educating their children.
28. Anti-Christian secret societies
29. Human Rights
30. The Irish Constitution
31. Banking and money manipulation
32. Poverty and homelessness
33. Public morality and fundamental rights